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All fieldwork has been created from scratch and each contains teacher guidance sheets to allow you to plan the trip easily. Please credit geographygeek if you use it or pass any of it on.

If you wish to carry out fieldwork that is organised and run for you and you are in the Midlands, I would highly recommend the RSPB reserve Middleton Lakes in Tamworth. They run river and ecology based fieldwork there and their 'rivers and flooding' module really is excellent.


Year 8 Microclimate of the school local fieldwork. You'd need to amend this to suit your own school.

Year 8 local crime survey. Again, this would need amending.


senegal crime

Year 8 Brean Down


Year 10 Watersmeet


Year 10 Cheddar Gorge

Year 10 Chew Valley Lake


*NEW Summer 2019 - Year 10 Derby (AQA paper 3). Fieldwork recording sheets, class write-up pack, teacher guide and PowerPoint.

Also available is an A3 revision sheet (template by Amy Searle), which gives an overview of methods, results and conclusions for this fieldwork.

Year 12 Birmingham (AQA AS spec) You can combine this with the AS Birmingham Aegis 3 file on the Aegis 3 pages.


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