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Key Stage 3

Year 7 lesson - White Christmas. Includes a pointpoint, which leads through a literacy task. This incorporates self and peer assessment and SMSC. This handout is also needed.
Year 7 lesson introducing weather and climate. Includes a powerpoint with links to an animation, worksheets and extension material.
UK Features
UK Quiz. Students name all of the features on a UK map. This sounds like a really basic sheet, but I spent hours trying to find an activity like this on the internet before I gave up and made this one instead.
Year 7 team building activity on cloud types. This plan covers two lessons and contains memory-based team activities on clouds and cloud formation in the 'Thinking Through Geography' story telling style. All resources needed are embedded and authors credited where necessary. If you would like a copy of Gavin Pretor Pinney's Cloudspotting TV program (£3 to cover materials plus p&p) please contact me.
traffic chaos
Year 7 team building activity on congestion chaos. This plan covers two lessons and contains team activities on congestion and a potential bypass for Alton Towers. Activity includes photo interpretation, decision making and finishes with a pollster vote.
rainforest assessment
Year 7 levelled assessment on the Tropical Rainforests. You need the question paper, the levels sheet and there's also a rotating PowerPoint to make the images available in colour during the test.
Year 7 lesson on Changes to UK Tourism. This is a lesson plan with resources embedded to add to the Tourism scheme of work on 'changes to UK tourism'.
Year 9 lesson on Ghana. This is a one-off lesson that I created to incorporate elements of numeracy.
introducing development

Year 9 lesson introducing development. The lesson plan contains a PPT that should be made into laminated cards and a worksheet.

anarchy in N Africa


Year 9 lesson on conflict in North Africa. The lesson plan contains a PPT and associated resources. Includes information on Tunisia, Egypt and Libya


2011 census and migration

Year 9 lesson on the 2011 census and migration. The PowerPoint leads through the lesson. There's a starter and a levelled homework sheet. You'll need the Andrew Marr clip from the BBC iplayer website - if you can't find a copycontact me and I can send you one (£3 to cover materials plus p&p).

Key Stage 4

tropical storms
GCSE lesson on Tropical Storms. This is a complete lesson plan using a PowerPoint with embedded video and other resources.
Year 11 lesson on patterns of trade (AQA new specification). A complete lesson plan with resources embedded.

Key Stage 5

tourism in Kenya
A Level lesson on Tourism in Rural Kenya. Another complete lesson plan with photo interpretation resources.
Migration and Population Structure
A Level lesson on the effects of migration on the UK's population structure. Lesson plan complete with resources, including animated population pyramid.
Year 13 lesson on economic vs environmental sustainability (AQA spec). Lesson plan complete with resources embedded.
Sustainable Tourism
Year 13 lesson on sustainable tourism: myth or reality? (AQA spec). Lesson plan complete with resources embedded.
Carbon cycles AQA Carbon cycles dominoes activity


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