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The following PowerPoints have been created using free images from the internet or those that I have taken myself. Many other PowerPoints can be found within the schemes of work page.

Key Stage 3 Key Stage 4 Key Stage 5

Key Stage 3






















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Coastal Defences

Coastal Erosion at Beachy Head

Conflict - extended reading literacy activity

Conflict - extended writing literacy activity

Congestion Solutions


Designing out Crime


Development in Brazil


Hurricanes highlighting text literacy lesson


Petrol Prices (incl supply and demand theory)

Population (introduction)

Rainforest layers literacy activity

The Akosombo Dam (Ghana)


Transport (introduction)

Urban Explorers

Where Do People Live?


Key Stage 4















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Coastal Habitats groupwork task

Coastal Erosion in Holderness

Congestion in cities extended writing literacy task

Flooding in Bangladesh

Flooding in Boscastle


Glasgow Gorbals Redevelopment

Land Use in Cities

Natural Hazards Starter

Poverty in Africa

Pressure Systems

The Big Mac Index

Tourism in Blackpool highlighting text literacy activity

Weathering and Erosion

World Trade Patterns

Key Stage 5








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Glastonbury - a festival or a temporary city?

Kenya Flower Industry

The London Docklands Development Corporation

Population Structure and Migration: UK

Rural Change in Longnor

Sao Paulo - Housing Issues

Sao Paulo - Managing Transport

The Massif Central

TNCs - Mattel

Key Stage 3

urban explorers

Urban Explorers.


Where do People Live?


The Aksombo Dam 'deal or no deal' Looking at issues of water vulnerability and TNC control.

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Designing out Crime.

supply and demand

Introduction to Fuels.


Petrol Prices (including supply and demand theory) lesson.


Introduction to transport.



Congestion Solutions. This grid can be used alongside these images.

beachy head
coastal defences

Introduction to Beachy Head. This audio file could be used alongside the PowerPoint.

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Coastal Defences. PowerPoint includes embedded animation. This grid can be used alongside this activity.

tourism trends

Introduction to tourism.


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Trends in UK tourism (with nine number square and video clip embedded (video clip taken from www.geographyatthemovies.co.uk).

tourism ibiza

Tourism in Ibiza (with links to the BBC Broadband clips library).



Living in Antarctica. Also see the section on Antarctica.



Introduction to population.


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Development and the Brandt Line. More able and less able worksheets to accompany.


Development in Brazil.




Layers of the Rainforest literacy lesson. Alongside the PowerPoint you'll need the poem (which I found online) and a levels sheet.

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Adaptation in deserts.



iraq reading


iraq writing

Causes of the Iraq war extended reading literacy activity. Please use this article alongside this activity.   The Geography of Conflict extended writing literacy activity. Please use this levels sheet alongside this activity.
Hurricanes literacy activity. Instructions on how to highlight text included. Please use this text extract alongside this lesson.    
Key Stage 4    

poverty in Africa


Flooding in Bangladesh

Poverty in Africa


Flooding in Bangladesh


big mac index
flooding in boscastle

The Big Mac Index

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  Flooding in Boscastle
land use models

Land Use in Dundee



Congestion strategies in cities. Differentiated extended writing literacy task. Use with these picture cards and this peer and self assessment sheet.

the Gorbals

Introduction to Urbanisation. Graph interpretation exercise.


Glasgow, Gorbals Redevelopment.

Coastal Habitats
  coastal erosion

Coastal Habitats differentiated groupwork activity (AQA A spec). Please use the text books, mark scheme, sand dunes factsheet and salt marsh factsheet.



Coastal Erosion, Holderness

pressure systems
pressure systems

Pressure Systems





World Trade Patterns - designed to support the changes to the Edexcel B spec. Use alongside this handout.


Blackpool   natural hazards
Blackpool Tourism Life Cycle (AQA A spec) effective text highlighting and extended reading literacy task. Please use the Blackpool Strategic Plan alongside this lesson.  

Natural Hazards Starter

glaciation   weathering and erosion
Glaciation   Weathering and Erosion


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Key Stage 5

kenya flower industry

Glastonbury - a festival or a temporary city?


Kenya Flower Industry


the Massif Central
TNCs Mattel

The Massif Central

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Sao Paulo Housing
Sao Paulo transport
Sao Paulo Housing Issues Sao Paulo Transport Issues
LDDC Population and Migration
London Docklands Development Corporation The effect of Migration on the Population Structure of the UK

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Rural Change in Longnor