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This page contains loads of ideas and resources that I didn't know where to put! I've split it into sections:

6th form managing money session

Learning to Learn Scheme of Work

Year 11 to 12 transition work

Sixth form interschool competition

Statistical Analysis Techniques

6th Form Managing Money Lesson

The following lesson teaches financial awareness to 6th form. The lesson was planned for year 13s and the figures used are based on 2015. You also need this spreadsheet, taken from SaveTheStudent.org.

6th form money


Learning to Learn Scheme of Work

Here is a generic scheme of work on Learning and Thinking Skills. There are 7 lessons and this document has all 7 lesson, plus the resources, embedded within. There is also an audio file two video clips that can be found online:

Lesson 1 clip (approx 4 minutes in)

Lesson 7 clip

EQ independent learning critical thinking memory skills team building organisation skills presentation

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Year 11 to 12 Transition Resources

The following bridging packs are aimed at year 11 moving into year 12.  They cover human geography modules of the AQA A Level, following the Cambridge University Press textbook. Accompanying video clips can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6zSMUDhqpDmfSFLt0goQnw/

Changing Places bridging pack    Population bridging pack   Globalisation bridging pack


Sixth Form Interschool Competition

Everything you need to run an interschool competition using the excellent resources from the RGS: 39 Ways to Save the Planet. Click on each file below and edit the school names/badges, and you're good to go! We ran this with six teams (two from each school) and it lasted about two hours. Please email me if you have any questions.


Main Activity

Judging Sheet



Statistical Analysis Techniques

Statistics in geography can be difficult to get your head around. I've created some templates that should help with two of the main techniques: Spearman Rank and Chi Squared.

Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient outline plus significance table and instructions.

Chi Squared data and tables: example 1 and example 2

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